Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Marketing 11-12 Participates in Christmas Cheer

Marketing Good News Article
The past two  Christmas Seasons  the  Marketing 11 and 12 classes have  participated in a Community Service activity called  “Operation Christmas  Cheer ”    its where the Operation Christmas Cheer  organizations bring Christmas gifts to the school, and  our Marketing  students help  community members (elves)  wrap  gifts.  Last year we wrapped 180 gifts; this year we wrapped over 300 Christmas gifts for children in the Darke County Community.

This organization started out in 2011 and helped 22 children that year. To date Operation Christmas Cheer has helped 125 children.  During tough economic times, the community and this organization has shown an amazing outpouring of love and support

Our Marketing classes collected over 40 rolls of Christmas wrapping paper  we used to wrap the  gifts, and  then we  donated the remaining wrapping paper to “Operation Christmas Cheer “ organization so they could  complete the wrapping process. This was a way we could give during the holiday season.

Next Christmas season if you would like to get involved, join the Facebook group “Operation Christmas Cheer – Darke County” –    

Greenville CBI and Playing the Game of Life

Students of the Greenville CBI class played the game of Life for two weeks in December. Not the classic board game but a dice-based simulation that mimics random events in a person’s life.

Students begin by rolling dice to be assigned careers. By allowing chance to decide their careers, students are forced to make choices and manage resources based on chance. This adds a level of unpredictability that forces students to make some tough decisions.

“The game was actually fun,” said Chase Quinn, sophomore at Greenville High School. “The random variety of the game allowed for anything to happen.”

Each day, students are awarded their monthly paycheck. This is based on their career’s yearly salary, if they are an exempt employee, or their hourly rate times 40 hours, if they are a non-exempt employee. This is the money the students use to buy possessions that will allow them to live within this fictional laboratory environment.

After a student’s career was decided, students continued to roll dice and, based upon what number came up on the die, learn other elements of their lives such as marital status, number of children, number of credit cards and other loans, as well as other factors that determine a person’s available resources.

“I thought it could use more details because some of the outcomes weren’t very specific but I liked it because they were kind of funny,” mentioned Jesse Green, sophomore.

Each school day the game is played represents one month in fictional game time. Students earn salaries and must pay monthly bills and expenditures when they receive their salaries. Another element that adds a sense of realism is the inclusion of random “misfortunes” that can happen to the student. At the end of each daily round, students must roll to see if they have had a misfortune happen to them. These can be as small as a minor parking ticket to as massive as having to replace your house.

In addition to the misfortunes, to help students who were not fortunate enough to get the “high paying” jobs, inclusion of social programs such as public assistance and unemployment were added. The student who won the game is the one who managed their resources the best.

“I liked playing the game.” said Tristan Hunt, sophomore. “I liked the different things that happened in the game because of how you rolled the dice.”
By David Sykes, CBI Coordinator Greenville High School

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Broomhall and Pressler December CTC Students of the Month

Kaleb Broomhall Elizabeth Pressler
The Greenville Career Tech Center announced the selection of the students of the month for December 2014  Kaleb Broomhall from the IMTV Program and Elizabeth Pressler from the Careers With Children Program. These students represent Greenville CTC at the highest level.

The standards to be selected as the student of the month include: Service to the community and school, class participant in group activities, reliability, positive attitude, team player, hard worker, leadership,  and a good problem solver.

The Greenville CTC student of the month is sponsored by the Maid -Rite Sandwich Shoppe. Thank you for your support of Greenville CTC.