Thursday, May 7, 2015

Logan Emrick Attends National Conference in California

BPA National Leadership Conference in Anaheim California!! Logan Emrick is representing Greenville CTC and the a state of Ohio with Pride and a Professionalism. Great job Logan!!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Greenville Auto Tech Headed to Nationals

Congratulations to the 2015 Automotive Technology presenting team for earning first place in the category of transportation at the Career Pathways Showcase held in Columbus, OH on April 14-15. Presenters Kelsey McClure, Dylan Kolb, and John Crowell have worked hard to earn first place at the state competition. This year's project represents a team effort from students in the Greenville High School automotive technology program, with support from the school community and local business partnerships. We wish them the best of luck at Nationals in Louisville, Kentucky the week of June 22nd.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Greenville Auto Tech Prep Showcase Champion

The Greenville Career Tech Center Automotive Technology Presenting Team took the Championship title in the Techprep Showcase of 2015. The competition was held March 26th at Sinclair Community College in Dayton, Ohio. The team consists of John Crowell, Dylan Kolb, Kelsey McClure, and their alternates, Hunter George and Collin Jennings. The students have been preparing for this competition for several months.

The Greenville team competed against two other Automotive related projects in the category of Transportation Systems— Automotive Technology. The team was judged based on project research, development, authentic work-based learning, professional and team relationships, and presentation skills.

Greenville Auto Tech took home the Champions award and will be preparing for Columbus where they will compete in the State Skills USA competition that takes place April 14-15, 2015.

        Kelsey McClure, Collin Jennings, Hunter George, Dylan Kolb, and John Crowell

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

February GCTC Student of the Month

Congratulations to Jessica Landis of the Hospitality Program and Dannielle Leibherr of the CIS Program for being selected as the February GCTC students of the month. The Hospitality Program is directed by Mrs.Toni Shellabarger and the CIS Program is directed by Mr. Nathan Sharp and Mr. Bob Warner.

The standards to be selected as the student of the month include: Service to the community and school, class participant in group activities, reliability, positive attitude, team player, hard worker, leader,  and a good problem solver.

The Greenville CTC student of the month is sponsored by the Maid Rite Sandwich Shop.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Night in Hollywood

On April 18th, a Special Olympics fundraising event will be held at Greenville High School to spotlight the Special Olympians as the stars they are with a black tie themed dinner and show. A Night in Hollywood will showcase the Special Olympics participants by opening their artistic abilities to the public through a talent show and an art auction. Guests will be provided Hollywood themed refreshments throughout the duration of the talent show.

You will have many opportunities to give back to Special Olympics fund throughout A Night In Hollywood with business donations, ticket prices, fun family games and much more. Since this will be the first ever fundraising event made specifically for the Darke County Special Olympics, we are aiming to double their annual donation by raising $7,000. We are looking to get our community connected to the Special Olympics in a way that they have never experience before by putting on A Night in Hollywood. Usually, the Special Olympic participants are limited to athletics.

We are aware that the Special Olympians are extremely talented in many ways! So, we would like to give them the opportunity to show off their own unique talents to our community. Our goal is to have all eyes on our Special Olympics participants so they may feel like the stars they are.

If you would like to be a guest at A Night in Hollywood, pre-sale tickets will be available at all Greenville National Bank branches, $10 for student tickets and $15 dollars for adults. You may also  purchase a table for $200. If you are interested in making a financial donation, please make checks payable to Supply Chain Management at 100 Greenwave Way, Greenville OH 45331.

For further information, contact Dara Buchy at or (937) 564-8211. The doors will open at 5:30 that night. We would love to get as many members of our community as possible involved to share this very special night with us. Hope to see you there!

Interactive Media and BPA

The junior and senior Interactive Media (IMTV) students in the Career Tech Center at Greenville Senior High School recently competed at the Regional Business Professional’s of America Competition at Miami Valley CTC.  Congratulations are in order for the following Interactive Media students for their accomplishments:  Tyler Landis, Senior, 1st Place in Fundamentals of Desktop Publishing.  Tyler qualifies and will be competing at the BPA State Level Competition on March 12 and 13 in Columbus, Ohio.  Also placing were Kaylee Johnson, Senior, placing 3rd in Information Technology Concepts, Jakob Denney, Junior, placing 4th in Extemporaneous Speech, Austin Hayes, Junior, placing 4th in Information Technology Concepts, Patrick Solon, Senior, placing 5th in Fundamentals of Desktop Publishing, Leslie Logan, Senior, placing 5th in Information Technology Concepts, Andrew Harshman, Junior, placing 5th in Extemporaneous Speech, and Kaleb Broomhall, Senior, placing 6th in Fundamentals of Desktop Publishing.

IMTV’s new, in house production studio and Adobe Creative Cloud Suite software upgrade has created exciting and real life application to many new projects. The students have partnered with other career tech students and programs to create classroom projects and learning experiences.  Recent highlights include creating Public Service Announcements (PSA) promos with the Auto Tech Program; a PSA promo for “A Night in Hollywood” sponsored by the Supply Chain Management BPA Regional Project Management Team and World War II Veteran guest speakers for the French classes.

The IMTV students have been creating logos, templates, message board postings and programming for Channel 5.  Also, the students have been video recording Greenville City Council Meetings, Greenville Board of Education Meetings, GHS sports, as well as other GHS school and community events. IMTV looks forward to upgrading programming to the citizens of Greenville and Darke County.

Interactive Media is a creative, business oriented approach to graphics arts, computer animation, audio/video techniques, photography and web design. Students learn to use advanced multimedia techniques to create, organize, manage, and present digital information in a variety of media forms.  Upon successfully completion of this course, students will be proficient in using industry standard software and hardware, efficiently managing and presenting information, comfortably presenting projects to small groups as well as planning, designing and creating multimedia projects successfully in both team and individual environments. 

For more information about the program or if you have a client project for IMTV, please contact Mrs. Lori Hoover at (937) 548-4188, ext. 840 or Mr. Jon McGreevey, CT Director at  (937) 548-4188, ext. 847.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Careers with Children Compete at FCCLA

Congratulations to Careers with Children students who competed at the Regional FCCLA competition.  The students competed at Miami Valley CTC on Saturday, February 28th in various Early Childhood events. The following students received a gold medal: Amber Mead, Macayla Mendoza, Elizabeth Pressler, Samarra Sucharda, Kayla Worrell, Seryn Crawford, Caitlin Beasecker, Katie Brinley, Kelsey Canan, Kennah Ellis, and Jena Synder. Receiving a Silver medal were: Allison Minnich, Mallory Rich, Cora Arnett, Samantha McCann, Taeanna Fields, and Nicki Weyrick. 15 students qualified to compete at the State FCCLA competition in Columbus in April. Those students were: Amber Mead, Macayla Mendoza, Elizabeth Pressler, Samarra Sucharda, Kayla Worrell, Seryn Crawford, Caitlin Beasecker, Katie Brinley, Kelsey Canan, Kennah Ellis, Jena Synder, Allison Minnich, Mallory Rich, and Cora Arnett. Congratulations and good luck in April at the State Competition.

CIS Region 3 BPA Contest Results

The CIS 11 class recently competed in the Region 3 Business Professionals of America Skills Contest. Craig Cable 1st in Advanced Spreadsheet Applications, Nick Buckingham 1st place C++ programming, Tyler Netzley 1st place in Network Administration using Microsoft, Caleb Poston 1st place in Computer Security, Zach Baughman 2nd place in Extemporaneous Speech, Eric Pence 2nd place in C++ programming, William Massie 2nd place in Java, and Randy Blakeley 5th place in PC Servicing and Troubleshooting.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

BPA REGION 3 State Qualifiers

Congratulations to the Greenville Career Tech Center Region 3 State Qualifiers. Students will be competing at the state BPA competition on March 12, 2015 in Columbus, Ohio.

Sydney Alcaraz, Michaela Colby, Jade Anthony, Anai Gutierrez, Keisha Warner, Tanika Ray
Clay Guillozet, Nicole Sheery, Terin Ellis, Chelsea Stout, Addison Hart, Deon Adkins
Victoria Nader, Tyler Landis , Craig Cable, Tyler Netzley, Caleb Poston, Darin Gusek
Danielle Liebherr, Mathew Oiler, Allen Burden, Joseph Miller, Nicholas Buckingham
Eric Pence, William Massey, Devyn Jones, Logan Emrick


    FFA Members Participate in Public Speaking

    Sydney Lawson, Kody Purvis, Chad Harter, Victoria Nader and Olivia McDade represented Greenville FFA in the District 5, Sub-District Public Speaking Contest on February 10, 2015 at Brookville High School.

    Sydney Lawson, a freshman, participated in the Creed speaking contest and Kody Purvis and Chad Harter participated in the Advanced Creed speaking contest. The FFA creed consists of a student memorizing the five lines of the FFA Creed and presenting it to a panel of judges. This contest is designed to develop leadership and the ability to appear before a group. Participants then answer a series of questions over the FFA Creed. Members participating are evaluated on their presentation, memorization and response to questions. The difference between the Creed and Advanced Creed is that the Creed contest consists of only freshman students while the Advanced Creed consists of members who are in their first year of Agricultural Education and are either a sophomore or junior.
    Victoria Nader participated in the Advanced Prepared speaking contest. Participants develop a six to eight minute speech on any agricultural related topic which is to be memorized. After their presentation participants are then asked a series of questions about their topic and speech. This contest is designed to better a student’s speaking and leadership skills. Participating members are evaluated on their presentation, memorization, and response to the questions.
    Olivia McDade represented Greenville in the Extemporaneous speaking contest. This area consists of participants being given an agricultural related topic in which they have half an hour to research. Then members give a four to six minute speech. The contest is designed to stimulate the interest of FFA members in agriculture and leadership by giving them the opportunity to speak before an audience.
    Sydney received a gold rating on her presentation of the Creed. Chad and Kody both received a gold rating while Chad also placed second qualifying him for the District FFA contest. Victoria Nader placed first in the Advanced Prepared and will be moving on to the District contest as well. Olivia McDade received a gold rating in the area of Extemporaneous. Congratulations to each of the participants on a job well done!

    Fustos and Ray Named January GCTC Students of the Month

    Congratulations to Gunnar Fustos of the Engineering Program and Tanika Ray of the Supply Chain Management Program for being selected as the January GCTC students of the month. The Engineering program is directed by Mr. Chris Sykes and the Supply Chain Management Program is directed by Mrs. Dara Buchy.

    The standards to be selected as the student of the month include: Service to the community and school, class participant in group activities, reliability, positive attitude, team player, hard worker, leader,  and a good problem solver.
    The Greenville CTC student of the month is sponsored by the Maid Rite Sandwich Shop.

    Wednesday, January 28, 2015

    Marketing 11-12 Participates in Christmas Cheer

    Marketing Good News Article
    The past two  Christmas Seasons  the  Marketing 11 and 12 classes have  participated in a Community Service activity called  “Operation Christmas  Cheer ”    its where the Operation Christmas Cheer  organizations bring Christmas gifts to the school, and  our Marketing  students help  community members (elves)  wrap  gifts.  Last year we wrapped 180 gifts; this year we wrapped over 300 Christmas gifts for children in the Darke County Community.

    This organization started out in 2011 and helped 22 children that year. To date Operation Christmas Cheer has helped 125 children.  During tough economic times, the community and this organization has shown an amazing outpouring of love and support

    Our Marketing classes collected over 40 rolls of Christmas wrapping paper  we used to wrap the  gifts, and  then we  donated the remaining wrapping paper to “Operation Christmas Cheer “ organization so they could  complete the wrapping process. This was a way we could give during the holiday season.

    Next Christmas season if you would like to get involved, join the Facebook group “Operation Christmas Cheer – Darke County” –    

    Greenville CBI and Playing the Game of Life

    Students of the Greenville CBI class played the game of Life for two weeks in December. Not the classic board game but a dice-based simulation that mimics random events in a person’s life.

    Students begin by rolling dice to be assigned careers. By allowing chance to decide their careers, students are forced to make choices and manage resources based on chance. This adds a level of unpredictability that forces students to make some tough decisions.

    “The game was actually fun,” said Chase Quinn, sophomore at Greenville High School. “The random variety of the game allowed for anything to happen.”

    Each day, students are awarded their monthly paycheck. This is based on their career’s yearly salary, if they are an exempt employee, or their hourly rate times 40 hours, if they are a non-exempt employee. This is the money the students use to buy possessions that will allow them to live within this fictional laboratory environment.

    After a student’s career was decided, students continued to roll dice and, based upon what number came up on the die, learn other elements of their lives such as marital status, number of children, number of credit cards and other loans, as well as other factors that determine a person’s available resources.

    “I thought it could use more details because some of the outcomes weren’t very specific but I liked it because they were kind of funny,” mentioned Jesse Green, sophomore.

    Each school day the game is played represents one month in fictional game time. Students earn salaries and must pay monthly bills and expenditures when they receive their salaries. Another element that adds a sense of realism is the inclusion of random “misfortunes” that can happen to the student. At the end of each daily round, students must roll to see if they have had a misfortune happen to them. These can be as small as a minor parking ticket to as massive as having to replace your house.

    In addition to the misfortunes, to help students who were not fortunate enough to get the “high paying” jobs, inclusion of social programs such as public assistance and unemployment were added. The student who won the game is the one who managed their resources the best.

    “I liked playing the game.” said Tristan Hunt, sophomore. “I liked the different things that happened in the game because of how you rolled the dice.”
    By David Sykes, CBI Coordinator Greenville High School

    Wednesday, January 14, 2015

    Broomhall and Pressler December CTC Students of the Month

    Kaleb Broomhall Elizabeth Pressler
    The Greenville Career Tech Center announced the selection of the students of the month for December 2014  Kaleb Broomhall from the IMTV Program and Elizabeth Pressler from the Careers With Children Program. These students represent Greenville CTC at the highest level.

    The standards to be selected as the student of the month include: Service to the community and school, class participant in group activities, reliability, positive attitude, team player, hard worker, leadership,  and a good problem solver.

    The Greenville CTC student of the month is sponsored by the Maid -Rite Sandwich Shoppe. Thank you for your support of Greenville CTC.