Tuesday, February 24, 2015

BPA REGION 3 State Qualifiers

Congratulations to the Greenville Career Tech Center Region 3 State Qualifiers. Students will be competing at the state BPA competition on March 12, 2015 in Columbus, Ohio.

Sydney Alcaraz, Michaela Colby, Jade Anthony, Anai Gutierrez, Keisha Warner, Tanika Ray
Clay Guillozet, Nicole Sheery, Terin Ellis, Chelsea Stout, Addison Hart, Deon Adkins
Victoria Nader, Tyler Landis , Craig Cable, Tyler Netzley, Caleb Poston, Darin Gusek
Danielle Liebherr, Mathew Oiler, Allen Burden, Joseph Miller, Nicholas Buckingham
Eric Pence, William Massey, Devyn Jones, Logan Emrick


    FFA Members Participate in Public Speaking

    Sydney Lawson, Kody Purvis, Chad Harter, Victoria Nader and Olivia McDade represented Greenville FFA in the District 5, Sub-District Public Speaking Contest on February 10, 2015 at Brookville High School.

    Sydney Lawson, a freshman, participated in the Creed speaking contest and Kody Purvis and Chad Harter participated in the Advanced Creed speaking contest. The FFA creed consists of a student memorizing the five lines of the FFA Creed and presenting it to a panel of judges. This contest is designed to develop leadership and the ability to appear before a group. Participants then answer a series of questions over the FFA Creed. Members participating are evaluated on their presentation, memorization and response to questions. The difference between the Creed and Advanced Creed is that the Creed contest consists of only freshman students while the Advanced Creed consists of members who are in their first year of Agricultural Education and are either a sophomore or junior.
    Victoria Nader participated in the Advanced Prepared speaking contest. Participants develop a six to eight minute speech on any agricultural related topic which is to be memorized. After their presentation participants are then asked a series of questions about their topic and speech. This contest is designed to better a student’s speaking and leadership skills. Participating members are evaluated on their presentation, memorization, and response to the questions.
    Olivia McDade represented Greenville in the Extemporaneous speaking contest. This area consists of participants being given an agricultural related topic in which they have half an hour to research. Then members give a four to six minute speech. The contest is designed to stimulate the interest of FFA members in agriculture and leadership by giving them the opportunity to speak before an audience.
    Sydney received a gold rating on her presentation of the Creed. Chad and Kody both received a gold rating while Chad also placed second qualifying him for the District FFA contest. Victoria Nader placed first in the Advanced Prepared and will be moving on to the District contest as well. Olivia McDade received a gold rating in the area of Extemporaneous. Congratulations to each of the participants on a job well done!

    Fustos and Ray Named January GCTC Students of the Month

    Congratulations to Gunnar Fustos of the Engineering Program and Tanika Ray of the Supply Chain Management Program for being selected as the January GCTC students of the month. The Engineering program is directed by Mr. Chris Sykes and the Supply Chain Management Program is directed by Mrs. Dara Buchy.

    The standards to be selected as the student of the month include: Service to the community and school, class participant in group activities, reliability, positive attitude, team player, hard worker, leader,  and a good problem solver.
    The Greenville CTC student of the month is sponsored by the Maid Rite Sandwich Shop.